Thursday, 26 April 2012

Daily Tekk Resources

Launched by Chris McConnell, Daily Tekk is a relatively new website on tech-related content, and yet it is already used as a teaching resource. Apart from articles on entrepreneurship, innovation and social media, they have become popular for the Top 100 Tech series.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Expat Resources, Guides and Networks

If you are considering moving abroad and want to know where to find information about jobs, articles and tips for traveling, studying and living in a foreign country, country guides or simply advice by or network with other expats, then the following links might help you.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Useful Links for Tourists, Expats & Students in Latin America

Here is a list of useful links for future expats and travelers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Latin America: 

Latin America:

Latin America Attracts Foreign Professionals & Students

Skilled migrants consider economies already reputed for specific industries and skill pools – such as the USA, other English-speaking countries and countries in continental Europe. But given that visa procedures are complicated and since the American and European economies have been affected by the economic crisis, immigrants are increasingly interested in the emerging economies, especially if they are relatively stable and have a leading position in their region – i.e. countries in Asia and Latin America.

Emerging or catching-up economies are eager to fill their skill gaps. That is why they have been working on competitive migration policies which only complement developments such as attractive conditions for outsourcing; well developed higher education systems or ongoing efforts to improve them; growing industries; investments in IT and English language training.

Here is an overview of the latest economic advances, skills shortages and immigrant inflows in the most developed Latin American economies other than Brazil - Argentina, Chile and Mexico.