Saturday, 3 March 2012

Free Language Learning Resources

Here is a comprehensive list of language resources containing useful links to free language lessons, tutorials, podcasts and videos. Many of the websites are academic language directories while others are hosted by other directories or are maintained by people passionate about learning languages.

  • Languages on the Web - the quality of resources depends on the language. For example, while there are a lot of resources for Chinese, most of the links for Italian are ads of Italian languages schools  
  • Language Web Sites maintained by Amy Cole based at Emporia State University (indexed by Internet4Classrooms) 
  • The Language Learning Online category of the search engine Kartoo. Most of the resources are free, although there are few which lead to paid courses. 
  • Word2Word - a directory containing 3,000 links to language learning resources. Apart from free online courses in a great variety of languages, there are dictionaries, language blogs, forums and communities, podcasts, language software and other tools. 
  • Web German - a  website containing resources for learning German. Its foreign languages section is not as comprehensive as the one of Word2Word but some lesser taught and endangered languages are also on the list, as well as resources on linguistics. 
  • California-based repository of OA educational content MERLOT- Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching: click on ‘Learning Materials’, then choose path Humanities – World Languages - and then filter by language and type of media (online course, tutorial, etc.). One of the tutorials is Clica Brasil – Portuguese Language and Culture for Intermediate Students  
  • Links by the Linguist List hosted by the Institute for Language Information and Technology at Eastern Michigan University
  • Links by Open Culture - lessons for 40 foreign languages, mainly on iTunes but also links to other websites
  • Podcasts by Radio Lingua Network: basic lessons in a number of languages, more activities for French and Spanish
  • Language Guide – pictorial vocabulary guides in a number of languages, grammar guides for English, Spanish and French; Interactive Readings in French

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