Monday, 27 February 2012

Dolphin Language & the Holographic Theory Applied to Sound

Researchers investigating the dolphin language have come to the conclusion that dolphins see "sono-pictures", i.e. they see with sound. There is hope that one day humans will be able to communicate with dolphins.

Some findings touch upon previous theories of the holographic models of our brain and universe:
"The exo-holographic part of the acronym [SPEL] derives from the fact that the dolphin pictorial language is actually propagated all around the dolphin whenever one or more dolphins in the pod send or receive sono-pictures. Any small part of the dolphin's reflected echolocation beam contains all the data needed to recreate the image cymatically in the laboratory or in the dolphin's brain".

In an earlier study the team has recognised that
"sound does not travel in waves, as is popularly believed, but in expanding holographic bubbles and beams. The holographic aspect stems from the physics theory that even a single molecule of air or water carries all the information that describes the qualities and intensity of a given sound".

The research team was led by the US marine biologist Jack Kassewitz and the British acoustics engineer John Stuart Reid.

You may download the article Conversations with Dolphins: The Discovery of Dolphin Sono-Visual Language from the research section of the website Cymascope: Sound Made Visible.

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