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Development Opportunities: Jobs, Funding, Research

This post is a selection of online resources for finding a job or internship in development as well as funding and scholar opportunities for nationals of developing countries.

The first part(I) provides resources for people interested in working in development-related organizations. Note that despite the fact that many jobs in the field are either in NGOs or volunteer positions, development career opportunities may exist in government agencies and even in the private sector, e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) functions.

The second part(II) is geared toward nationals of emerging and developing countries who are looking for scholarships and grants; and the third part(III) is a compilation of scholar resources - advise from volunteer mentors, free resources on academic writing, methods and research and accessible scientific literature, and research reports on development issues carried out by governments or various organizations.

I. Development Jobs & Internships 

Devex - a global community of development professionals in over 100 countries, Idealist - jobs, internships & volunteer positions announced on the website; guides for nonprofit careers and Eldis (recent jobs aggregated by the web sites of Idealist, Relief Web, Bond, CharityJob,etc ) are among the most popular development job sites.

There are some development job sites that search engines will easily generate because the word ‘development’ is present in the url and the site itself, e.g. Jobs 4 Development - international development jobs and volunteering opportunities; Dev Net Jobs - paid subscription is required to access some vacancies, others are freely accessible; My Dev Jobs - development jobs and volunteer vacancies by region, useful links to funding resources at the bottom of the page.

But there are many other sites, some of them not so visible to search engines. Here below are some articles and sites containing useful development job resources:

Employment and Volunteering in International Development, an article by Appropedia [resource on sustainability, international development and appropriate technology]

3 articles on career in development by Transitions Abroad [a resource for work, living, study and volunteering abroad]: (1)Working Toward a Livable Career in International Development Work - a do and don’t list for succeeding in an international NGO career and links to international NGOs; (2)Becoming an International Aid Worker - links to aid workers forums, jobs and volunteering opportunities; (3)Best Volunteer Abroad Web Sites - all of them development-related; links to volunteer programs by country

Non-profit organizations and job listings and Internships & Volunteer Opportunities by the Riley Guide

Volunteering and Nonprofit Career Resources compiled by Quintessential Careers

Non-profit job resources mentioned by - Finding Non-Profit Jobs Online and 7 Tips for Getting the Most out of Volunteering - articles written by Joanne Fritz; many related articles at the bottom of the pages

Links to development internships provided by the Swedish-based job site iHipo

Development Job & Internship Resources provided by Going Global

Charity Toolbox: 100 Non-Profit Specific Tech Tools an article published on Daily Tekk

Non-profit jobs in the US: a comprehensive list of nonprofit job sites, news and stats by the US job bank Career One Stop; Non-profit List - a database of over 40,000 non-profit organizations in the US; Non-profit Career Network: mainly US-based jobs

Geneva-based development organizations indexed by Mandat International, an independent foundation; see also an alphabetical index of NGOs in Geneva provided by the administration of Canton de Geneve

NGO databases by Mandat International – NGO links and resources, some of them have a job section

Selected Sources for UK Charities - an article written (2010) by Adrian Janes for Free Pint

You can use many search engines, for instance Bing generates a relevant list of sites (search for “development jobs”, “nonprofit jobs” or narrow your search to “NGO jobs”, “government jobs”, “development jobs Asia”, ‘’aid workers”, etc.)

II. Scholarships & Fellowships for Nationals of Developing Countries 

Funds for NGOs - scholarships, fellowships, various awards, conference calls and free guides

Scholars 4 Dev - regularly updated site for academic scholarships; filter by target group, host country and study level; List of section provides thematic scholarship links

Scholarships for students from Africa: Advance-Africa - job and volunteer opportunities in Africa, academic grants and scholarships for African students, the most recent announcements are displayed at the What Is New page; Afri Scholarships - scholarships for African students and Africa-related education news

Scholarships for nationals of the Western Balkans - SPARK-initiated database for study and research opportunities in Europe

You may find additional funding opportunities on the websites of the various development organizations (see the previous section of the post - articles on job resources)

III. Research Resources & Reports 

Research Reports on Non-Profits & Volunteering indexed by Free Pint, a global provider of information services

Eldis - a service of the Sussex-based Institute of Development Studies resource guides, country profiles - more than 26,000 publications; and topical resource guides - extensive collection of research and policy documents

Articles and Resources on Non-profit Organizations by the Free Management Library

SciDev.Net - News & Information for Science & Technology for Development (UK-based non-for-profit organization); academic institutes which focus on development issues;grants

Author Aid is supported by INASP. The resource provides free scientific resources for scholars from developing countries: the resource library contains useful links on open access textbooks, guides on research writing, methods, etc.; but also funding and mentoring opportunities 

Open Science Directory – a search tool for open access journals and journals in special programs for developing countries initiated by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and created by EBSCO and Hasselt University Library; currently there are 13,000 journals; search by journal provider (EBSCO, DOAJ, etc); journal title and subject; explore the links to find more open access directories

Resources by the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Information (INASP): collections of institutional repositories;(2)scientific resources by subject; (3)open access resources; (4)Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERii): digital libraries and increased access to scholarly literature for nationals of emerging and developing countries are among its objectives

Other freely available content-rich resources are the Open Access Directory (OAD) and the UNESCO-supported Global Open Access Portal (GOAP), more similar websites in my posts - Open Access Education Resources and Academic Search Engines & Directories

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