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Sites & Directories for Kids, K12 Students & Teachers | Research Keys, Part 4

Research Keys is a series of blog posts which will cover essential resources on search engines and information intelligence; directories and sites for kids, K-12 and university students; global search sites for jobs and travel; multimedia search engines; online library guides; content-rich subject guides by educators and professionals; resources by foundations, universities and governments; open access repositories; content curation sites; similar sites - their application in research; free Excel tutorials; global and European research scholarship websites. Although the focus is clearly on research, many of the resources are useful for business and individual targeted search (e.g. competitive intelligence sites; sites for jobs and travel; library guides and content-rich websites provide information in many areas and the websites are freely accessible; Excel resources)

Research Keys, Part 4 examines education-related search engines, directories and sites for kids and K-12 students, teachers and parents. Search engines for kids differ from other search engines because they are free of adult content, sites are almost always reviewed by professionals and focus on fun-education activities. The below sites are public and free, created and put together by educators, librarians, writers, foundations, government agencies and schools. Some of the sites target both kids and young students, and some directories for K-12 students provide materials useful to all audiences (e.g. guides for writing genres, foreign language tutorials, misc. links)

Search Engines, Directories and Sites for Kids

Great Websites for Kids by the American Library Association: reference websites (search engines, library guides) as well as other sites by subject (history, math, etc.)

Kids Search Engines - an article written by Danny Sullivan for Search Engine Watch, the list includes filtering and blocking software for engines which are not safe

Search Engines and Tools for Kids and Teenagers compiled by Pandia, a site dedicated to fast and efficient Internet searching

The Best Kids Sites on the Web - an article written by Wendy Boswell for the directory

Top Research Paper Websites for Kids - an article by Heidi Reina, the author of Learning Reviews  - directories of free educational interactive learning websites and games for K-12; the list includes search engines for kids and bibliography tools; other articles on resources for kids by the author

Mrs. Mitchell’s Virtual School - materials by subject and level

Teach the Children Well - a website launched by Elaine M. Doolittle containing subject guides, search engines and reference sites for children

Bob’s Educational links - search engines useful to kids and K-12 students, some engines in French and Spanish; resources by level and subject for kids, teachers and parents - pre-school to grade 6; children’s sites; Bob is a former educator from Quebec, so there are also links in French

Good Sites for Kids - a directory of sites, browse by subject or via the A-Z index

41 Open Ed Resources Kids Love - an article by the Online Education Database Library

Websites for Kids indexed by the LibGuides Community, generated by the keyword “kids”; other guides may be found by entering the relevant keyword or exploring the available library collections

The 20 Most Useful Websites for Children and Families - UK-based sites for kids gathered by the Telegraph

NASA Kids Club - educational games, engaging multimedia and visuals, and educational activities to cover K-4 students' developmental and learning abilities in math, science and technology; see also the picture dictionary designed for younger students: definitions of NASA-related words

Directories and Sites for K-12 Students and Educators

50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools - an article written (2012) by David Kapuler, an education consultant, published on Tech & Learning

More Great Web 2.0 Tools - an article written by Laura Turner for Guide 2 Digital Learning (Tech & Learning)

National Science Digital Library - digital resources and services to the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education community, funded by the US National Science Foundation

Educational Resources provided by CERN: teaching resources for middle and high school students including interactive materials, games, posters, videos, etc. and teacher programs - short trainings in the center in Geneva for physics high school teachers from member states and developing countries; you can also read the archived materials from national programs for teachers: presentations already made in the past in CERN member states in the respective national language

NASA educational and interactive materials (games, videos) for K-12 students and educator materials for K-12, informal (museums; communities) and higher education

The Best Websites for Watching Free Documentaries - an article written by Lori Kaufman for How-To-Geek

Links and Lists by John Royce, library director of Robert College, Istanbul: a compilation of articles/lists on online libraries, free online textbooks and other books, guides for citation and invisible web sources; some of the websites are no longer active but the lists are still very informative

Library Guides by the LibGuides Community - choose K-12 Libraries under “Library type’’ or search guides by topic; there are K-12, university, public and special libraries, or over 260,000 guides

MERLOT repository - free topical learning materials of all media types (lesson plans, tutorials, animations, etc.)

Kids Web Japan – a site available in a number of languages for kids aged 10-14; the site introduces Japan’s history, geography and culture to kids across the world

Resources by the EmTech directory for teachers, students and parents

Materials by subject by Curriki, the resource repository; they have also provided a list of 10 OER Search Engines

Ben’s Guide to US Government for K-12 students, a service of the U.S. Government Printing Office

Teacher resources, homework help and interactives for students by Discovery Education; see also Kathy Schrok’s Guide for Educators: a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth; search engines and directories listed on the site

Subject and technology guides (e.g. Excel in the classroom), lesson plans for educators indexed by the Education World

Reference and subject guides by the Florida Virtual School 

EduHound - an educational directory containing various material and topic-based educational resources

Educational Technology Clearinghouse - a Florida-based repository of resources for K-12 students by subject and resources for integration of technology into K-12 education

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) - over 2,000 teaching and learning resources maintained by the U.S. Department of Education

Awesome Library - 37,000 reviewed resources for kids, parents, librarians and educators in a number of languages

Internet4Classrooms - a free web portal launched by Susan Brooks and Bill Byles designed to assist anyone who wants to find high-quality, free Internet resources to use in classroom instruction; resources for preK-12, K-12 students and other learners (e.g. useful foreign language links and technology tutorials)

Ohio Treasure Chest - an online collection of websites reviewed by teachers, links for grades K-12

Best History Sites - created by history teacher Tom Daccord; the website aims to provide quick, convenient, and reliable access to the best history-oriented resources online in a wide range of categories and has been designed to benefit history teachers, their students and all people interested in history

Snapshot Science - topical resources for science teachers and other audiences, a website created by Gemma Young, a freelance writer and former high school science teacher 

FlexBooks (customizable free digital textbooks) for K-12 students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics provided by the non-profit CK-12 Foundation

Kentucky Academy of Technology Education - multimedia resources and Microsoft tutorials; links to various resources by subject

Dewey Browse – websites classified by the Dewey Classification System for K-12 Students and Educators, maintained by Gail Grainger

You may find more OA academic sites (suitable mainly to K9-12 students) in the post Academic Search Engines & Directories

You may want to know where to find more Open Access Education Resources, Free Resources for Learning Foreign Languages and Resources on Writing Genres including writing for kids & academic works

Some Citizen Science Projects provide free learning resources, above all in biology and astronomy

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