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Study and Work in Europe: Key Websites

This article should be useful to anyone intending to study or work in Europe. The below websites and resources give essential information about study programs and scholar funding in Europe(1); EU affairs internships and entry-level jobs in the private sector(2); and vacant positions(3) at the EU level and in various European countries, across all sectors.

EU Migration Information 

  • EU Migration Portal - useful information for non-EU citizens wanting to settle in the EU, separate sections for students and researchers 

Websites for Studies, Grants & Fellowships 

  • Study in Europe - a website launched by the European Commission covering 32 European National Sites for university programs; courses and programs: directories of European academic courses; links to Erasmus Mundus programs and funding for Master's and Ph.d. can be found under find a course 

  • Euraxess EU - research positions in the EU, filter by research profile (first stage including Ph.D positions; established researcher, etc.), then on the right-hand side by country and subject to see the vacancies relevant to your interests. Note that some countries (e.g. Italy, Poland) use the site more than others to publish research vacancies; links to scholarship directories and academic information in Europe as well as useful information for studies in Australia, Japan, Chile, South Africa; collaboration and funding opportunities for European researchers in India, Japan, China, ASEAN and USA; additional information about research and general useful information for incoming students and scholars may be found on the national Euraxess sites (e.g. for Turkey; for the Netherlands, etc.) 

  • Eurodesk - information on European policies, funding and other opportunities (various competitions, grants, volunteer vacancies) for young people; jobs in the EU and other organizations across Europe; filter announcements by deadline or theme search  

Websites for Internships & Graduate Jobs 

  • Trainee Search - internships and graduate positions at companies based in Scandinavia; the website is a part of Education Media Scandinavia AB

  • Trainee Programs - corporate graduate programs (entry-level positions) mainly in Europe but also in other geographical areas; the website is run by the Swedish company Abovo Media Group 

  • Become a Trainee - internships and graduate programs (entry-level jobs) offered by companies based mainly in BeNeLux and Germany but also in other EU countries; applicants may upload their CVs and look for positions by sector and function

  • International jobs, internships and graduate programs indexed by the Sweden-based site iHipo (International High Potential network), filter by industry and region; internship resources - lists of companies offering internships, sorted by location and sector; graduate programs - companies offering graduate programs in Europe and other locations

Websites for Jobs in Europe 

  • EURES: The European Job Mobility Portal is a one-stop site of work opportunities in Europe, a network between the EU Commission and the Public Employment Services of EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. It is possible to search for vacancies in many countries at the same time. In addition to jobs, you may search for research and internship positions by keywords (e.g. stage for French, internship for English); other employment services - useful job websites by European country including research opportunities; other link compilations include education institutions and international organizations based in European countries

  • Jobs in the EU System - only EU citizens and citizens of EU candidate countries are eligible: Permanent jobs at the EU institutions: applicants are selected through competitions (numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests); temporary and contract agents at the EU institutions and agencies: some of them require candidates to have passed the EU competitions but many don’t, instead, they require a min. level of education and experience, just like positions in the private sector; recruitment web sites incl. internship positions of the EU agencies and decentralized bodies; EU quick links for job seekers

  • Jobs advertised at EurActiv - the independent media portal dedicated to EU affairs: jobs and internships in Europe, filter by sector, experience and location

  • Jobs Europe Net - jobs in Europe including EU and international organizations, NGOs, private sector, academic positions; filter by job sector and city

  • Jobs in Network - a network for 22 portals for jobs in Europe with English being the main working language for the positions announced: 19 sites for jobs in European cities, portals for MBA, green jobs and Jobs in Hubs aimed at expatriates

More Job Listings, Related Posts

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